Sandown Wireless Premium School Radio Package

When the Student is Missing and the Radios Need To Work

You can Count On


Download Mission Sheet

Download The Radio Data Sheet

Additional Chargers

Additional Audio Gear

VHF or UHF supplied depending on your license.


You need a license for real radios.

That's the difference. Real radios have full power output and range of operation. This does require that you have a FCC license for your facility. This is very easy to get and we can help you with this if necessary.

Pricing for radio packages of either brand in VHF or UHF versions is $339.00 programmed on your channels.

Packages always include: Radio, Antenna, Belt Clip, Desk Charger & Programming

About Programming. We never charge for re-programming if necessary. We will be there for you next year if you decide to change channels in your radio. That's the difference in dealing with us or a mail order supplier.

Gang Chargers, headsets for the coaches, and any other accessories shown on the data sheets are available at extra charge.

And this year, either of these radios can be programmed to use voice inversion scrambling to make it impossible for casual listeners to hear what the traffic is on your selected secure channels. This is programmable on a channel by channel basis and is included in the base price of both brand radios. How about that, a security or administration channel that is actually private!

Please Contact Us for a Demonstration

Ask for: Keith Clark

I have been doing Radios since 1967!