Replacement Adapter Cups

For All Models of Impact Chargers


Additional Charger Cup

Part #: SpareAdapterCup


Additional Charger Cup.

Please reference the "Charger Cup Selection Sheet" for supported radio models and adapter part numbers.



 Replacement Cups for All Impact Chargers, Just $24.00 each (Public Safety / Military)


Please choose your charger cup(s):

Adapter Cup List


Sandown Wireless and IMPACT Radio Accessories is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the improper use of this battery charger. Each Impact adapter cup has been developed specifically for OEM battery models, and specifically for each chemistry noted in our adapter cup list posted on our website IMPACT does not guarantee performance or safety when using aftermarket battery models. IMPACT Radio Accessories are not liable for any damage, injury or non performance when charging Li-Polymer batteries unless specifically noted on the adapter cup list. If you are using Li-Ion batteries make sure that you are using a Li-Ion Battery Cup!

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