Heavy Duty Temple Transducer Headset with Professional PTT

Part #: PTHS-1

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IMPACT™’s new temple transducer headset meets or exceeds the specifications and performance of similar products on the market at much higher prices. Built for extreme environments, our PTHS-1 is the perfect solution for users that must have their ears open to all ambient sounds, such as crowd control officers, SWAT and military users.

The dual temple transducers transmit receive audio directly into the ear canal through the temples leaving the ears completely unblocked, while the background noise cancelling boom mic picks up transmission audio while blocking out high noise.


  • Kevlar™ reinforced cable
  • Dual bone conducting transducers
  • Shock, Dust and Water resistant
    (IP57 version available on special order)
  • Behind the head style with fully adjustable Velcro headband straps
    (Can be worn with helmets)
  • Very rugged design for use in demanding environments
  • Wireless PTT version available
  • Three year warranty



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