Behind the head headset with wireless PTT

Part #: PBH-2-WPTT

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The ultimate police bicycle/motorcycle and tactical headset! The included mini wireless PTT is waterproof, about the size of a quarter and includes a Velcro strap to secure it to your finger, handle bars or rifle stock.

This versatile solution also allows you to use the large in-line PTT. Strap the remote PTT to your handle bars and still have a working PTT when chasing the bad guy on foot.

The fully adjustable behind the head design is low profile, lightweight and features a gooseneck style adjustable boom microphone, foam padded ear hook and single ear speaker.


  • Professional grade
  • Environmental PU cable with Kevlarô reinforcement
  • Waterproof remote wireless PTT
  • Three year warranty (not including PTT battery)



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