Platinum Series Ghost II 3 Wire Surveillance Kit with wireless PTT

Part #: P3W-3.5-WPTT


Hide in plain sight with IMPACT™’s new three wire GHOST II™ kit, with only two wires.

The included mini wireless PTT is waterproof, about the size of a quarter and includes a Velcro strap to secure it to your finger, clothing, steering wheel or handle bars.

Now use a three wire, even while wearing short sleeves. The micro, ultrasensitive electret condenser mic with lapel pin can be hidden inside a collar.

Includes a 3.5mm female connection so the user can insert their own stereo headset. The bad guys think you’re just another dude listening to his tunes, when really, you’re on the job.


  • Professional grade
  • Environmental PU cable with Kevlar™ reinforcement
  • 3.5mm female receive only jack
  • Compatible with any 3.5mm stereo headset
  • Knowles™ brand high sensitivity mic
  • Three year warranty (not including PTT battery)



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