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Portable Radio Battery Page


Color Codes:

NiCD Types

NIMH Types

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W&W, NY, USA Made - Buy American

Pricing Updated 11/24/2010


OEM P/N Volts/Capacity/Notes

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Price / Unit

70-162, 170, 160, 260B 7.2 VOLT, 1200 mAh N/A         USA   WWN-NBP800 $45.78
70-162, 170, 160, 260B 7.2 VOLT, 1800 mAh N/A         USA   WWH-NBP800 $55.99
70-154 70-B24, 1" LONGER, 13.2 VOLTS, 1500 mAh USA WC-036D-70-B24 WWN-70B24 $79.50
70-154 70-B25, 1" LONGER, 9.6 VOLTS, 1500 mAh USA WC-036E-70-B25 WWN-70B25 $78.21
70-B263 7.2 Volt, 1200 mAh NiCD USA WC-376M-APX1105 WWN-APX1105 $44.93
70-B263 7.2 Volt, 1800 mAh NIMH USA HC-376M-APX1105M WWH-APX1105 $51.02
73-30, SEE KENWOOD PB32, PB33, PB34 USA      
73-005, SEE STANDARD CNB152, 152A, 153 USA      
70-9405 SEE STANDARD CNB584A USA      
70-148, 248 70-B48, 9.6 VOLTS, 1200 mAh USA WC-036F-70-B48 WWN-70B48 $60.17
70-148, 248 70-B48, 9.6 VOLTS, 1650 mAh USA HC-036FM-70-B48M WWH-70B48 $76.66
165/265, 70-166 70-B36, 7.2 VOLTS, 1500 mAh USA WC-036E3-B36 WWN-70B36 $68.02
70-155/70-255 70-B19, 7.2 VOLTS, 1800, mAh USA WC-036E2-70-B19 WWN-70B19 $61.85
70-440BP BP-0513, 7.2 VOLTS, 1300 mAh USA HC-036E5M-70-440BP WWH-BP0513 $56.78
70-112B 70-B12B, 7.5 VOLTS, 1350 mAh USA HC-036D2M-70-112B WWH-70112B $61.42
MONARK CR-1600CP-TER, QTX MB-1120 N/A       USA SEE STANDARD, CNB152, 152A, 153    


2010/11 Notes: Manufacturer's Battery Codes:  "HC & WC" part numbers are  W&W Brand. All of our manufacturers use  cells supplied by Panasonic or Sanyo in their battery packs. All batteries Meet or Exceed OEM specifications. Detailed specification sheets are available. We are recommending USA made battery packs produced by W&W, NY USA.

W&W factory Warranty is 14 Months on NiCd and 12 Months on NIMH & Li-Ion.  Call for any more information.

Add $10.50 for handling and shipping from 1 to 5 radio battery packs, in continental USA. Add  $1.50 for

each additional radio battery pack after five. In Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico add $14.00

for shipping 1 to 5 battery packs and $2.00 for each additional pack after five.


Shipping charges to other destinations will be quoted on request.

You may use the Fax order form, or call Toll Free: 866-379-8437 to place your order.


Note: Rebuilding Your Pack is an Option!

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