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Replacement  "IMPRES" Batteries

For The Motorola XTS-2500, XTS3000/5000, TURBO




Our Part Number

Price Ea.

XTS-2500 NNTN9858 7.5 Volts, 2100 mAh, NIMH IPH-NTN9858 $50.18
    7.5 Volts, 2300 mAh, NIMH IPH-NTN9858A $51.57
    7.5 Volts, 2700 mAh, NIMH IPH-NTN9858AS $61.40
XTS-3000/5000 NNTN6034 7.4 Volts, 4400 mAh, Li-Ion IPL-NTN6034 $71.21
    7.4 Volts, 5000 mAh, Li-Ion IPL-NTN6034A $85.52
TURBO PMNN4066 7.4 Volts, 4400 mAh, Li-Ion IPL-PMNN4066 $60.58
    7.4 Volts, 5000 mAh, Li-Ion IPL-PMNN4066A $64.32

Impres* Data Reader

Help is here with Our New Impres Data Reader! Know within seconds, the capacity of your Impres* battery. Never go into the field with a battery that doesn’t have the required minimum capacity. With One Impres Data Reader you can inspect all your Impres* batteries within your communications department for each shift, without delay in your operations. No computer needed, even a Neanderthal can operate it! Priced right!
*Impres is a Trademark of Motorola

Note: This unit is not a charger. This unit will work on Motorola O.E.M. Impres* batteries to read out the current state of charge and condition of your "IMPRES*" batteries.

Impres* Data Reader = $295.00 with Power Supply, No Cup

Impres Reader Cups = $35.00


These batteries are exact replacement packs for the Motorola brand "IMPRES*" Radio Battery packs. They are USA made with the highest quality cells available. For non-impres* batteries that will work in all the Motorola and aftermarket chargers please look here.

Please Call for Qty. Pricing, 10+ packs.

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