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Medical Battery, Medical Equipment, Medical Equipment Cables, Wheelchair Batteries, Scooter Batteries, Hotel Door Lock Battery, Hand Scanner Battery

Your Problem:

You need a better (or operable) battery - none are available or the OEM parts have become so expensive that no one wants to buy them! Send it here and we can fix it! Usually with enhanced performance, and usually at a price that is much less that the original was. 

We have spec's for thousands of different batteries we service ranging from tooth brushes & Laptops to 36V power drills. Portable Radio Batteries from all makes and models are repairable. There are a few that we do not do - usually we try to stay away from packs with gas gauges - and some packs are just to difficult to repair. We do some Li-Ion for Laptop Batteries, no Li-Ion for portable radios or tools at this time.. 

We would prefer to quote items to you as we approached the job. Email is this the preferred manner of communication - if you wish you can just send them to us and tell us they are coming - we will give you a price you can live with - or we will send them back at no charge and we pay the shipping. 

We can usually open and repair a pack with no noticeable cosmetic damage - we have often been accused of not opening a pack - because there is no apparent change - then after we tell the customer to charge it, everything gets better. We do reinforce the repair - and structurally I am sure we are close - but we cannot warranty packs that arrived as "IS" rated to be IS. Only the OEM Manufacturer or aftermarket manufacturer that has paid for the IS testing procedure can deliver an "IS" rated part.

We can receive packages from any carrier - All of our outgoing shipping is done by USPS priority mail or UPS. To Ship to us by UPS or FedEx use the following address:

Sandown Wireless, 19 Phillipswood Road, Sandown, NH 03873 (Packages Only)

Mail still goes to: Sandown Wireless, P.O. Box 564, East Hampstead, NH 03826

You may use your original chargers with these rebuilt batteries.  We now only rebuild NiCD to NiCD and NIMH to NIMH in tools. Li-Ion rebuilds require special electronics that must be still usable in your present pack. Smoking, melted packs do not cut it. Presently we do not rebuild Li-Ion tool packs.

Warranty on Rebuilt Batteries 1/2008

We use several US companies to do our rebuilding and offer a full (1) year warranty on the battery cells use in the rebuilding of any of our packs.

Tool battery labor is warranted  for 30 days by our rebuilding shop. We will warranty the battery cells used in your tool for (1) One Year. If you drop the case and break it so it needs re-gluing the cost is $20.00 plus shipping to get it repaired after 30 days.

We can arrange to rebuild your single Ham Radio pack or (1000) pieces per month for your fleet mobile computers and printers. Our operation allows you to legally dispose of your toxic waste battery cells, (At NO Cost To You!) and get new batteries for your portable equipment for much less cost that new packs!

Notes on Upgraded Radio Packs to 1700 mAh NIMH Cells

Also New Tool Packs Available in 2008

Partial Listing of Repairable Packs



We Ship your Package back to you by UPS

We Will NOT Ship it back by U.S.P.O.

Tracking will tell you when the package was picked up - after that it is useless.

Please be informed that insurance only covers damage, that you can report when the package is delivered.   Insurance does not cover a lost package. 

In 20 years of business, we have never recovered a package lost by the postal system.  After a few days, they may not find any of the 3 copies of your claim report.

Once the package is handed to the US Postal service - - it is no longer the responsibility of Sandown Wireless.   If it is late, lost, damaged, or otherwise mishandled, the problem must be resolved by you, as the customer at the address you provided. 

It will cost at least $50 to chase a lost package (or a claimed to be lost package).
Many items cannot be replaced - that is why they are rebuilt.

We do not ship USPS.

No matter who is responsible.

NEW 2011

Tool Rebuilding Price Sheet

Updated for 2011

New, Not Rebuilt Tool Batteries


Please Contact:

Sandown Wireless

Toll Free: 866-379-8437

Tel: 603-974-0725, Fax: 603-887-2117, E-mail: Sales

Mail to:

Sandown Wireless, PO Box 564, East Hampstead, NH 03826

Freight, UPS or FED-X to:

Sandown Wireless, 19 Phillipswood Road, Sandown, NH 03873

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